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Here are some key statistics and takeaways from the race.

By the Numbers/General Stats

  • 63-laps led by Max Verstappen, on his way to achieving a Grand Slam.

  • 2.27 seconds-the fastest pitstop in the race, performed by McLaren.

  • 34-points won by Verstappen over the entire weekend. He won 8 in sprint and 26 in the race the next day.

  • 1:18.446-the time taken by Verstappen as he clocked the fastest lap of the race

Difference in Grid and Finishing Positions

Max Verstappen put in an imperious performance, setting the pace from the get go and finishing in the same position he had started: 1st. Sainz, Alonso, Schumacher Jr and Ricciardo suffered big losses, with the former two not finishing the race and the latter two coming 17th and 18th respectively. While others improved on their grid positions, in general, it was a race to forget for Leclerc. Having trailed the Red Bull duo of Verstappen and Perez for the majority of the race, he crashed in the later stages and could only recover to finish 6th.

Imola GP 2022

Average Speed of Drivers

The graph shows the average speed of each driver over the duration of the Australian GP. Alonso and Sainz have been omitted because they did not finish the race. The average speeds may appear low as they also include the time lost during pit-stops, VSCs and Safety Cars.

IMOLA AVG SPEED_edited.png

Lap by Lap Positions of Drivers

The lack of DRS for a good chunk of the race played it's part, as many drivers held their position for stretches of up to 30-35 laps. The front 3 in particular, held their positions, except for when Perez pitted and Leclerc spun later on, with a lonely Lando Norris taking his place in 3rd. We did see a few intriguing battles down the order though, most notably between Russell and Bottas towards the end of the race.

IMOLA LAP BY LAP-ALL 20_edited.png

Driver Position, lap by lap

Imola GP 2022


Grand Slam! Verstappen drove like a true champ, leading every lap and put in the fastest lap of the race. Game on between Leclerc and Max!

Fastest Lap per Tyre Compound

The race started on Inters. Drivers pitted for slicks around Lap 18. The delta between the fastest laps on Inters and Mediums was about 10-11 seconds. The softs were about 2-3 seconds quicker than the mediums, surprisingly.

IMOLA FLPT 1_edited.png

Fastest Lap in each Session

FP1 was a wet session. So, lap times were quite high, about 10s higher, as each driver set the quickest time on Inters. FP2, Sprint, and Race were dry sessions. The quickest times were generally put on the Mediums as very few drivers got a chance to run the Softs.

IMOLA FLES_edited.png

Number of Laps on Each Tyre per Driver

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