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Forget Federer or Nadal, Leclerc striking like the real goat and hogging the 'Grand Slam' Down Under, with Perez and Russell bagging the silver and bronze.

While Perez was drinking off his sombrero, his teammate was probably not in as good a mood with the RB18 showcasing its unreliability for the third time in three races; highly unlikely that Red Bull can fight for the championship with a car like Timo Werner (fast but unreliable).

Lewis finally learns what it's like to be 'number two" after being told to hold position rather than fight his counterpart. Relationships aside, it was an excellent weekend for Mercedes despite being the' 5th fastest car' as said by the Vogue model.

Bottas is genuinely enjoying life at Alfa Romeo by not playing second fiddle and putting out results as consistent as porridge. Also, Albon clinched in with the cheeky points finish that few expected.


Despite Leclerc winning convincingly, it was not all smiles on both sides of the prancing horse's garage with the hottest fucking man on the grid going off to enjoy the sand and the sun of Melbourne after a horrific start and prematurely ending his race despite looking like he would quite quickly rise up from the back and occupy one of the podium spots.

Finally, talking about consistency, let's continue the flow by talking about King Goatifi, who- like a true king- does not let his subjects feel the void of Mazespin.

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